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The Fall of Darswen :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 2 0
Giant: Humanity's Mortal Enemy
Humanity's mortal enemy, generations have come and gone of those who could've told you how it happened, but it was the Giants who chased humanity into the Eldwood, the only place even the Giants wouldn't brave. From time to time the giants will undertake campaigns into the forest though, in an effort to stamp humanity out for good, but usually they send their minions to do the work. Giants appear themselves when all other options have failed, and they appear heavily armored and armed to the teeth.
Body: 14
Mind: 8
Soul: 8
HP: 70
Attack: 10
Defense: 8
Damage: Giant Steel Sword 24 (32 if Two Handed)
Equipment: Giant Sized Full Metal Armor (Damage Reduction 16)
:iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 0
Born: Half-Giant
Born: Half-Giant
(Can Only be taken at Character Creation)
Half-Giants are the product of selective breeding between Giants and Humans to make a more effective slave race. All half-giants currently alive were born in captivity. Half-Giant slaves are bred by Giants to be servents and shock-troops against the world’s lesser races. A rare (and brave) few have escapaed to the Eldwood, in hopes of finding freedom from their masters, and perhaps companionship among the humans.
Muscles of Chiseled Stone: Even half giant young are as fit and strong as their human counterparts. After purchasing your character’s stats, add 4 to Body (maximum may still not go above 12).
Sins of the Father: Half-Giants have trouble finding trust among Humanity, because of this, Half-Giants start with no population(but may lead village jobs, by “borrowing” another player character’s leadership.)
You know what they say about Big Hands: Half-Giants are twice as big as normal Human
:iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 0
The Eldwood
"The Eldwood is a massive forest, so large it's said that to cross the Eldwood you could start walking at one edge of the wood and walk an entire lifetime and never come close to the other side..."
When I was a child my grandfather tell me this as a story, to remind me how large and miraculous the world was.  He said that there were more trees in the Eldwood then there were stars in the sky, and that some said that it was not the Eldwood that grew from Aarde, but the Aarde, the world, that grew from it.  I took comfort in that, knowing that hidden amoungst the trees, someplace so old and so safe, the Giants would never find us.
When I was older, my father would remind me,
"...To cross the Eldwood you could start walking at one edge of the wood, and you would never survive to see the other side..."
But, by then I knew why.  The Eldwood had stood longer then the age of Giants, longer then the age of Man, longer then anyone could possibly know.  
The Eldwood was old, but it was never safe
:iconnightelohim:NightElohim 2 9
Dice Cups? Dice Cups. by NightElohim Dice Cups? Dice Cups. :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 3 Enemy Markers 2 by NightElohim Enemy Markers 2 :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 0 Enemy Markers 1 by NightElohim Enemy Markers 1 :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 0 0 Multi Purpose Set Blocks by NightElohim Multi Purpose Set Blocks :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 0 0 The Table Top by NightElohim The Table Top :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 2 3 Character Markers 2 by NightElohim Character Markers 2 :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 3 2 Character Markers 3 by NightElohim Character Markers 3 :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 4 3 Character Markers 1 by NightElohim Character Markers 1 :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 3
Blackrock Prison Blues
Convicted and Sentenced of a heinous crime, at the summit of Blackrock mountain you stand, looking down into a great dark pit.  You stand chained to other men as a Guard captain reads from the scroll,
"By order of the King, For your crimes against the crown and the citizens of the land, you have been sentenced to life in Blackrock Prison, until you shall die, or are able to escape through the prison gates at the mountain's base."
Your ears perk up at the sound, your chance of freedom! The captain rolls the scroll and tucks it into his belt, and nods to the men flanking you, "Cast them in"
One of the men seize you by the arm as your group is led to the edge at spear point, he leers at you through a mouth of blackened teeth
"We'll be waitin' for ye' at the gates, don't you worry.  We'll have a celebration planned for when ye' make it.", the other men begin to laugh as he finishes "After all, you'll be the first!"  With a rough shove one of your number is for
:iconnightelohim:NightElohim 0 2
The Singing Wall by NightElohim The Singing Wall :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 1 0 Upper Falls by NightElohim Upper Falls :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 0 0 Ceder Falls by NightElohim Ceder Falls :iconnightelohim:NightElohim 0 0


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United States
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