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"The Eldwood is a massive forest, so large it's said that to cross the Eldwood you could start walking at one edge of the wood and walk an entire lifetime and never come close to the other side..."

When I was a child my grandfather tell me this as a story, to remind me how large and miraculous the world was.  He said that there were more trees in the Eldwood then there were stars in the sky, and that some said that it was not the Eldwood that grew from Aarde, but the Aarde, the world, that grew from it.  I took comfort in that, knowing that hidden amoungst the trees, someplace so old and so safe, the Giants would never find us.

When I was older, my father would remind me,

"...To cross the Eldwood you could start walking at one edge of the wood, and you would never survive to see the other side..."

But, by then I knew why.  The Eldwood had stood longer then the age of Giants, longer then the age of Man, longer then anyone could possibly know.  

The Eldwood was old, but it was never safe.  

Men came to the Eldwood to escape the Giants, because we knew it was the only place they would not go.  What, I wonder do the Giants fear here?  Surely our struggles, the Winter King, Wolf Drakes, Forest Kin, the Satyr, were no match for the Giant's might.  But then who knows what lurks at the forest heart? Who would dare it?
So I've been playing a lot of Minecraft recently, and I've been pulling some influences to try and come up with a game/setting with a lot of exploration, adventure, and maybe even a little horror for a Tabletop game. So I loaded some things in to my "Large Hadron Collider" Idea process to see how they'd stick. Enter "The Eldwood", a world where humanity is on the brink of destruction because of the advance of the Giants and the horrors of a babillion year old forest. Details are still pending for other races, like Elves, Dwarves, etc. Elves might be nonplayable scary alien beings, same with dwarves, who knows. I'm going to create some half-giants though for players though, that should be good times. It will definatly be a low technology, low magic, fantasy setting.

Influences Include:
Penny Arcade's "The Lookouts"
Mouse Guard
Princess Monoke
Shingeki no Kyojin
Guild Wars 2
Kingdom Death: Monster
and of course, Dungeons and Dragons.

edit: Not pleased with the way this read, guess it's still a W.I.P.
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novadragon1000 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015  Professional General Artist
whats this about i wonder
stephengarrett1019 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sounds like a great idea. If you want exploration and adventure, you'll need to leave the forest, and if it's so big you can't leave it, and there are giants out there... well that puts a damper on things, but maybe that's just what you want. Maybe no one wants to leave, but the hero(es) are forced to do so, and risk their lives in the process. Kind of like Bilbo leaving the shire.
NightElohim Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
Initially the game was going to be a board-game with heavy tabletop RPG elements, Like a cross between "Settlers of Catan" and "Mice and Mystics" where you not only used resources to build up your character, but also your character's village.  After a while I became afraid that having to manage a progressing "Champion" and a budding village might have been overly complicated, so I put it on hold until I came up with fresh ideas.

Initially I was going to make it pure tabletop RPG, and there would have been a world "outside the forest", but it would have been devoid of human civilization save ruins.  My early concepts of that though were very "The Borrowers"-esque, and I wanted to put more emphasis on building community from the ground up in the face of extermination.

Thanks for the comment!
stephengarrett1019 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That sounds really cool! I would play it. Would it be an RPG with roleplaying like D&D?
NightElohim Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
Not with the concept I would be building, it would be more of a cooperative tabletop game.  But you could definatly use the setting for a campaign setting in a tabletop RPG, I would just put emphasis on low magic, low tech, and rediscovery.  Like weapons like spears and clubs may be common, but swords and crossbows would be VERY scarce items that could be found in "Ancient Human Settlments", and magic items would be extremely rare and powerful fetishes to use against the giants and the wilds.  

Essentially the real danger wouldn't just be "Angry monsters" it would be being wedged between skilled and technologically advanced giants and dark nightmarish primordial creatures, both seeking to snuff out the light of humanity.  Your failure won't necissarily mean the end of humanity, but it could mean the end of a key to civilization, like written language, or an understanding of advanced mathematics.  And those I guess would be your goals while adventuring, not to "Slay Goblins and Find Magic Loot" but to restore and strengthen your tribe, and eventually, all of humanity.

So yeah, high stakes and it would be pretty compelling.  I don't know if I would use a dungeons and dragons system though.  You'd want a system that wouldn't relegate you to a "class" and would let you have a lot of versatility. For this sort of game I see putting a lot of emphasis in character creation rules on humanity's ability to adapt.  Your character should start pretty much a clean slate, be able to pick up a sword, or a magic wand, or whatever for the first time and be able to figure out how to use it (well enough to be useful) this session, then be proficiant with it next session, then a few sessions later have pretty much mastered it.
stephengarrett1019 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Everything about this sounds awesome. It'd make a good video game, too. Are you still going to make it?
NightElohim Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
A video game would be great, I'd go for like an open ended sandbox-y sort of a deal.  I don't know if anything will become of it though, the concept still needs a lot of work, I've put a lot of time into the world and how I'd handle design (as I'm sure you can tell), I just don't know how far I'd be able to take it without devoting time(and money) I don't really have on it, you know?  I was looking at the Tri-Stat DX system originally when I was thinking of making it a strictly tabletop game, but without any cool gimmicks I was afraid the gameplay would fall flat, which is why I was looking at more of a tabletop format (ala Settlers of Catan/ Kingdom Death: Monster).

At that point a struggled with an"end game goal", which I have a few ideas for, but again, it came down to time and money to devote to the project.  I keep it on a back burner, and still note on it every now and then, but I'm not activley working to finish it.
stephengarrett1019 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I see. Hmmmm. If you really got serious, kickstarter might work for the money part, but then, you would need a lot of followers (which you may have, I don't know) to back it.
It does sound like an awesome world though.
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